Terms and Conditions


By placing an order with BAMI Products, you understand that all soaps are made with, olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, herbs  essential and/or  fragrance oils, with no animal fats or preservatives added. If you are allergic to any of the above-listed ingredients, you will use extreme caution or avoid personal use of the products and/or consult a dermatologist or primary care physician.


You also understand that soaps are homegrown and may vary in availability, size, and coloring with each batch. You agree to some variability within the products, as that is the norm and a byproduct of the production process.


You also agree, by purchasing BAMI products, to practice safe soaping, which includes neither eating nor licking the products at any time.


You also agree to discontinue use of any BAMI Products if irritation or allergic reactions arise.


BAMI Products thanks you for your cooperation and agreement with these Terms and Conditions.