Nag Champa Shea Body Butter 4 oz.

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from on 03/05/2022
This has a wonderful scent and is not greasy. This is great for withstanding hand washing while preventing damage to your hands from harsh soaps.I highly recommend this product for the body (16oz) as well as the smaller 4oz for easy mobility.
from on 03/13/2017
I have been searching for the right Nag Champa scent/oil for a long time, one that accurately represents the exotic and fragrant tone of the incense. This is a beautiful scent! I believe it is one of the best Nag Champa scents I have smelled. It has a lovely earthy-perfume balance that makes it easy to wear. Mysterious and alluring, it alludes to a bit of a hippie vibe (which I love) but even more so it is a scent of a woman of the world, well travelled and intriguing. Look no further than your local entrepreneur for an all encompassing adventure-in-a-bottle.

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